Getting Back Your Mojo…

Sometimes you need a break.  Sometimes you’re given a break, whether you like it or not.  Divorce can do that to you.  Life changes have a way of forcing their will on you.  So it is that I took two years or so off from writing this blog.  I had such good intentions when I started it, but my life was in turmoil and I didn’t even realize it.  Family changes, job changes, address changes, and the addition of a new person in my life, along with time to heal and, well, I’m back!

With the ability to focus on my photography, it was time to get back my mojo and start making things happen.  I discovered that, at least for me, motivation is everything when you’re trying to make things happen.  OK, when it comes to mother nature, you don’t really make things happen- but, you can certainly be prepared for when they do.  Such is the case with this photo.

I’ve always wanted to get a shot of the waves breaking over the rocks during a sunrise.  It requires several elements.  For the location I had in mind, Avon by the Sea on the Jersey Shore, a normal high tide wouldn’t do it… it had to be an above normal high tide.  Well, with the Weather Service sending out “Beach Hazard Statements” about the rough surf, we had our waves.  Next was to time the arriving tide with a sunrise and decent weather… a nice marine layer of haze in the distance made for a beautiful sunrise this morning… and the late summer date meant I didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night.

Some coffee and some luck, and I think I captured the power of mother nature…

Jersey Shore-3253-Edit

Waves crash over the jetty during sunrise in Avon by the Sea, NJ


… along with my mojo…

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