Every year I get cheesy and silly, and 2012 is no exception.

The Easter Bunny is real, and I have proof!


The 2012 Easter Bunny


So the first thing my wife said was, “Maybe she’s laying eggs.”  And then I said, “Rabbits don’t lay eggs.  They’re mammals.”  And she said, “The Easter Bunny lays eggs.”

I can’t argue with that logic, with magic and all, of course.

On the photography front, rather simple… D5000, ISO 200, 200mm lens, 1/320 @ f/5.6.  Another example of grab the camera and shoot.  With rabbits, there’s usually no time to set up tripods and change lenses (always leave a zoom on your camera when it’s in the bag), they’re kinda quick.  Although, this one must have just awakened from a good snooze as she hung around for a little while, but you can never count on that.

I’m happy on two fronts.  My lawn is nice and green and growing, and another year we have rabbits.  I can’t help but remember when my son was about three years old and he used to run after them… the rabbit would look at him as if to say, “Really kid?” then wait till he got good and close and take off at 100 miles per hour.  This, of course would go on for 20 minutes while my wife and I just watched the show.  And laughed.  He slept good that night.  There was much rejoicing.

And then there was the other time my neighbor planted a vegetable garden in his yard.  He was told to surround all the vegetable plants with marigolds because rabbits don’t like marigolds and avoid them.  In the morning, we had about five rabbits sitting there eating marigolds.  It was like rabbit cocaine.  The next day, they did away with the veggies.  We have tough rabbits.  My neighbor doesn’t like rabbits.

And in a weird way, the little buggers are comforting.  If we drive home at 3AM, there’s always three or four of them around the house, surprised and frozen by the car’s headlights, to greet us.  They’re “watch” rabbits- hey, Bugs Bunny would never let anything get past him either.

Happy Easter little bunny, and try not to tear up my lawn too badly this year!  Ya gotta believe.


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