HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (with apologies to my son)

I couldn’t resist.  I had to post my favorite Halloween picture EVER.

It will most likely mean nothing to anyone but me and my wife, but, well, it’s a fun picture.  My son, Victor, may hate the fact that I posted it on my blog, but I think he’ll forgive me.

If it doesn’t make you smile looking at a happy kid picking out his very first pumpkin, well, then, you’re just not trying.

Victor was about 8 months old in this picture and walking for a month, so he was an expert.  He didn’t even have teeth yet.


Victor's First Pumpkin - October 1998


This shot was taken on my old film camera back in 1998.  Minolta Maxxum 7000, I think with a 70-200 mm zoom.  I have no idea what the exposure was or what film I was using (it was Kodak print film).  At some point later on I scanned the print and the image file has moved to about 5 different computers over the years.  I finally processed it in Adobe Lightroom and got what I think is a great picture.

As with all photography involving small children, it is 100% luck, right place, right time, karma, planets lining up, God on your side, etc.  I’ve heard it said, “Never work with children or animals.  If you have to pick one, pick animals.”  I’m not sure if that’s true as I really don’t work with either one, but my hats are off to child and pet photographers the world over.  Patience is the name of the game.  This day, I shot several rolls of film while Victor picked out his pumpkin.  He was running all over the place, in “pumpkin glory.”  This shot was when he started banging on it to let us know that this was “The One.”

This picture was shot at a family owned farm in Tinton Falls, NJ- the farm closed down several years later, unfortunately.  A victim of suburbanization- condos stand there now.  I don’t know if anyone cared, but I was sad that day… I could never go back here and take another pumpkin picture with my son.  Glad we got this one.  I remember it had a great area set up for pictures, as you can see.  The best pumpkins were set up in rows, and they had those great bales of hay in the background.  With only a little planning, you could take great pictures like this without other people in the background, cars, buildings, power lines, etc.  It was just wonderful.  They should have had a giant sign with an arrow saying “KODAK MOMENT HERE!”

I have this picture in our bedroom.  I wake up to it each day.



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